Eliminate Duplicate Data

Eliminate duplicate data in 3 easy steps - open, dedupe and output.

Step 1 – Open the file you wish to dedupe…

To do this, you can simply right click and select ‘dedupeIT’

dedupeIT works with most common data file formats on databases containing up to 50,000 records. If your requirement is greater, we can help with that too. Please click here.

The intelligent import wizard will lead you through the process.

dedupeIT will identify the contents of each field and label them accordingly.

Step 2 – Let dedupeIT go to work…

dedupeIT will examine your data for potential duplicate records. Deduplication progress is displayed on screen as shown.

Step 3 – Output the processed records in the way that you choose…

That’s it. There are no complicated menus or toolbars to wade through. dedupeIT really is so simple to use.

In addition to the file output, you can produce printed text and graphical reports listing the duplicate records along with other useful information about the file you are working with.

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