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Hi dedupeIT folk, I just wanted to say that dedupeIT really is a wonderful piece of software to have in your armoury. It's actually quite seldom that I need to de-dupe records but, when I do, dedupeIT is right there to turn a real chore into a straightforward task. It is just great. It's simple to use, it's slick, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I really do love it.

Robert Spratt, Technical Manager, Direct Beauty Products plc

It is truly a wonderful product.

Peter G. Marsh, Mediaright Solutions

The software has made a huge difference on the evaluation of the Potential Duplicate Donor Reports. It has been of great help and a significant number of investigations were not necessary to open thanks to the score given by this software. Also, it is wonderful that it is very simple to use.

Yvette Armendariz, Blood Systems Inc

I have been using dedupeIT for several years and find it to be an excellent and necessary tool for lists under 50,000 records. It just does what it is supposed to, allowing me to set my duplication parameter levels. It is important to me that RJ Smith, Rob Smith and Bobby Smith all be recognized as duplicates even if the addresses are slightly different. dedupeIT finds them quickly, accurately and easily, saving the cost of the software in postage savings over and over.

Paul Aleskovsky, 360True, LLC


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